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Our Menu


$9.99Hickory Smoked Bacon

priced per pound (lb)

$3.99Pan Sausage

priced per pound (lb)

$4.19Hand Cut Pork Chops

1/2 inch

$4.19Thick-Cut Pork Chops

1 inch

$4.59Boneless Butterfly Pork Chops


$12.9916 oz. T-Bone

$17.9932 oz. Sirloin

$12.9912 oz. NY Strip

$12.9912 oz. Boneless Ribeye

$10.998 oz. Filet

$24.994 lb. Boneless Beef Roast

$5.19Ground Chuck (90/10)

priced per pound (lb)

$4.49Ground Beef (80/20)

priced per pound (lb)

$4.99Stew Meat

priced per pound (lb)

Specialty Items

$1.99Whole Chicken

Whole or Butchered
priced per pound (lb)

$6.50Sausage & Cheese Stuffed Potatoes

2 per pack

$6.99Stuffed Mushrooms

6 per pack

Meat Packages

Package #1

5 lbs Ground Beef,
(2) Ribeye Steaks,
3 lbs Hand-Cut Pork Chops,
(1) Chuck Roast,
2 lbs Smoked Sausage (choice of German, Old Timer or Cajun)

$85 - $95

Package #2

5 lbs Ground Beef,
(2) Ribeye Steaks,
(2) NY Strip Steaks,
5 lbs Hand-Cut Pork Chops,
(1) Beef Shoulder,
5 lbs Pork Steaks,
4 lbs Smoked Sausage (choice of German, Old Timer or Cajun)

$145 - $155


Price per pound

$4.99#1001 - Old Timer

This sausage is a breakfast staple in the South that is based on old farmers' recipes. It is made with a blend of pork and peppers with a heavy presence of sage. This is truly a unique breakfast sausage.

$5.49#1002 - Fresh German | #1003 - Smoked German

Are you a fan of garlic? If so, you will love this sausage. Our German comes fresh or smoked and is made with a mixture of beef and pork. This sausage is pure perfection when served with mustard and kraut.

$4.99#1004 - Cajun Brand

If you like it HOT this is the one for you. Pure pork jazzed up with a generous amount of Louisiana red pepper. Heat up a shrimp or crawfish boil with this one.

$5.49#1005 - Andouille

Look out gumbo, here comes flavor town! This pure pork sausage is made with the leanest cuts of pork shoulder. If you want to elevate the flavor of your old family recipe, this sausage is a must!

$5.49#1006 - Red Hots

The name says it all. This sausage is HOT.

$5.49#1007 - Hot Italian | #1008 - Mild Italian

This pork sausage is blended with our secret recipe of peppers, spices and of course fennel seed. It is excellent grilled and served with sauteed peppers and onions or served in soups and sauces. Available in Mild or Hot.