About Us

Since November of 1976; Farm Fresh Meats in Robertsdale, Alabama has been producing the finest smoked sausages, bacon, beef, pork and specialty items around. Our full-service retail market specializes in all cuts of Choice or Prime grade beef and #1 Premium pork. You can also find fresh, farm raised poultry products that are so tender and juicy; you'll never go back to the grocery store! We also carry a wide variety of specialty products including beef short ribs, flank steak, skirt steak, goat, lamb, rabbit, homemade hogs head cheese and on and on and on. Our sausage is the most popular of our products and is our proudest achievement. We hand make over 25 different varieties of sausage which we sell in our retail market. Every Friday and Saturday we smoke a wide variety of different meats including chicken wings, whole chickens, beef shoulder roasts, chuck roasts, boston butts, ribs, pig wings, etc. If you're looking for one-on-one customer service, top-notch products and to be greeted with the smell of smoked meat and smiles when you walk through the door; well then you've found your place! 

From left to right: Chase Childress, Erin Childress Salyers, Chuck Childress, Adam Salyers, John Salyers