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Deer Processing Fees

All deer orders are kept separate! The meat you bring in is what you get back! We only accept CLEAN, CLEAN, CLEAN meat meaning no hair, dirt, etc. can be on your meat!! You must drop off your deer meat in a CLEAN ice chest that you leave with us while we process your order; this is how we keep your meat separate from everyone else's. Your ice chest MUST have handles!!
We wrap all orders in freezer paper and in as little as one lb packages. YOU MUST GIVE US YOUR CONSERVATION ID ALONG WITH YOUR GAME CHECK CONFIRMATION NUMBER WHEN DROPPING OFF GAME KILLED IN ALABAMA. For fresh orders we usually run between 7-10 days, for smoked orders, it takes up to 14 days. If you have any further questions please call us at our shop, 251-947-7385. NO FROZEN DEER MEAT WILL BE ACCEPTED DURING DEER SEASON! IF YOUR DEER WAS KILLED OUTSIDE THE STATE OF ALABAMA, YOUR MEAT MUST BE DE-BONED!! FEDERAL LAW!!!

Ground Deer: $2.25/lb (80/20 mix with choice beef trim)
Ground Deer Sausage (Hot or Mild): $2.75/lb
Deer Bacon Burger: $3.55/lb
Cubed Deer Steak: $2.55/lb
Smoked Sausage: $3.75/lb (Old Timer-MOST POPULAR Country Style Smoked Sausage, Cajun-HOT!!! or German-Traditional Beef, Pork and Garlic)

Summer Sausage: $4.25/lb (Plain, Pepper Jack or Jalapeno & Cheddar)
Deer Snack Sticks: $5.00/lb (Plain, Teriyaki, Pepper Jack Cheese or Jalapeno & Cheddar)
Add Jalapeno & Cheddar or Pepper Jack Cheese for an extra $1.00/lb